First priority — second ward.

My only priority will be the Second Ward. I will not compromise the well-being of Second Ward residents to support anyone else's political agenda. I will only act in the best interest of the Second Ward. 

Transparency & openness in city government.

I will make myself available to all residents who have questions or problems with any city service by phone, email and Facebook. I will push to have current budget and finance information posted on the city’s website. I will press for the removal of the three-minute rule that limits public speaking at city council meetings.

Stop the rising cost of living in Evansville.

I will resist any further burden on residents and homeowners who have been forced to pay for the city's irresponsible spending and misplaced priorities. I will advocate for more sensible spending by the city to curb the financial impact on residents.

Affordable housing & assistance programs.

I will advocate for a long-term financial plan and effective rules for the affordable housing program. I will work to garner more funding for non-profit organizations and a review of how many lives can be directly impacted by this money.

Help for small businesses.

In the Second Ward, we have small businesses that get no benefits from city government. I will push for expansion of the current incentive programs or creation of new programs so small businesses in the Second Ward receive the same level of support from the city as do the big manufacturers elsewhere in Evansville.